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All of our chocolates & confections are prepared under the direction of our co-owner & chocolatier, Konstantin Zsigo. We pride ourselves in using wholesome ingredients that are fresh and natural.  We don’t use preservatives, stabilizers or fillers.  And we use significantly less sugar than a candy shop would.

We source our chocolate from around the world.  Most of it is fair-trade or direct-trade and we believe in the sustainability of the cocoa trade and supporting local farmers.  All of our chocolate is high-quality, gluten-free and contains natural cocoa butter.

Healthier Chocolate

When you make everything from scratch, you have better control of taste, texture and quality.

Our confections contain less sugar and much more flavor than you would find at a candy shop that sells by the pound.

Our goal is to provide exceptional taste without preservatives and stabilizers.  It's better for you.

Exceptional Tastes

We use exotic spices, fruits and natural oils to flavor the chocolates we source from around the world.

Pictured here is our spicy ancho de Mexico pepper bar that takes you on a flavor journey starts with a tingly sweet, transitions to a delicate smoke, then hits you with a spicy burn a gentle but lingering heat.  And that's just the first bite...

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