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Vegan & Dairy Free

If you're looking for vegan, dairy-free or even gluten-free dessert items, you know that going to an ice cream shop can be a drag!  Well, we've changed that.

Vegan Ice Cream

Our vegan ice creams are specially made for us, using ultra-premium cashew butter for our chocolate, and almond-butter for our vanilla bean. 


So many choices

Since we make our own toppings & inclusions, we have control over their ingredients.

For example, we make our own fruit purees, we roast our own nuts, make our chocolate sauce from scratch.  Therefore, we can mix & match vegan & dairy-free toppings to create a FULL MENU, not just one or two items.



We have it all

Start with our espresso, decaff or regular, ground fresh every time.  Of course we'll make you a half-caff.

Maybe a frothed almond milk for a dairy-free latte, maybe a steamed vegan vanilla ice creamuccino.

How about a vegan mocha?  We are a chocolate shop, after all, so finding good vegan dark chocolate is not a problem here!


Handmade in our chocolate factory.

Just one of our many vegan options, check out our Coconut Almond Bar.

We toast our own coconut and blend it with our hand-roasted, salted almonds.  The center is a sweetened coconut milk with shredded coconut and almond paste.

Totally vegan, it's just how we make it, because we want that purity of coconut and almond taste.

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