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Our 30 year old Italian espresso machine with its very own unique personality and temperament produces excellent espresso shots that we use for a wide variety of coffee drinks.  We always have freshly roasted regular & decaf beans that we can mix & match to your preference. Of course we have cappuccino’s, lattes, americanos and mochas like any good coffee shop. But there’s more!

Because we have so many home-made ingredients for our ice cream desserts, our coffees can become wonderfully complex.  Try an affogato, espresso shots poured over our 16% butterfat ice cream.  A caramel latte made with our real caramel. A hot chocolate literally made from a blend of Belgian milk and a sweet-dark chocolate. We’re not pouring flavored syrups – everything here is real.

Gourmet Coffees
Fresh Espresso

Indulge yourself in our large variety of gourmet coffees, always available as regular, decaf or blended.

Imagine coffee, chocolate & ice cream paired in endless combinations.  Indulge Yourself.

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