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Ice cream

Our ice cream comes from very happy cows raised right here in Michigan.  At the farm, the cows milk themselves voluntarily-not on a schedule.  The feed is certified GMO-free and the cows are never given rBST hormones to artificially increase milk production. Happy, healthy cows produce rich & flavorful milk and cream, and our ice cream contains 16% butterfat for a rich and creamy taste, bite after bite.  Locally sourced & Michigan proud.

Our favorite flavor is vanilla, because it provides the perfect canvas for our quality homemade ingredients and creativity.  Our chocolate sauce, hot fudge, caramel, marshmallow cream, baked brownies, strawberry puree and other homemade ingredients make for exciting sundaes and decadent shakes & malts.  There’s so much to try!

Vegan & Dairy Free, Too!

If you're looking for vegan & dairy-free & gluten-free options, we have a full menu to choose from, from nut-based ice creams, coffees, chocolates & desserts.  How about a vegan banana split or a chocolate shake?

Dairy Free
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